Mayweather v McGregor Tickets Turned to $150,000

The upcoming fight of the century, Mayweather v McGregor, has been labeled as the most grossing fight in the boxing history. The tickets are running high in price. Since the release of the tickets on Monday, all the first batch tickets are sold out.

Mayweather vs McGregor

The reason is obvious, both fighters have such prominent statuses in the world of fighting. Floyd Mayweather is the former five-weight boxing world champ. Meanwhile, Conor McGregor is the UFC lightweight champ. McGregor will be migrating to the boxing world, debuting as rookie against Mayweather. Both will meet in the ring at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The date is around the corner! It will happen on August 26.

Since the announcement of the official bout, a lot of folks have been pretty hyped with the ways they can catch up with it. There will be 20,000 attendances in the arena. The first batch of the ticket was pretty aggravated . On Monday, some fans were outrageous and disappointed. The thing was that the ticket turned to $150,000. Who the hell want to break his bank for attending the venue off their favorite fighters?

In some popular ticket retailers like StubHub, the ticket was offered at that price. Of course it is exaggerating for some folks. But some other tickets are cheaper, $100,000. But still, this number is insane.

Mayweather, 40, has come out from his retirement to answer McGregor’s challenge. The Irish 29-year-old professional fighter has been baiting him since the last 4 conferences in 4 states. McGregor’s lack of boxing experience has not been convincing some folks. Both men will earn as much as a hundred million dollars. That’s why this bout has led to hard and outrageous criticism.

But what many people did not know is that the UFC president Dana White did not expect this. It was not in his agenda. He never wanted what happened in 2015 relating to Manny v Mayweather bout occurs again. We still remember the tickets sales were intervened by the brokers.

Dana’s problem solving is to sell the seats through the official ticketing retailers with such strict rules. For instance, in the Ticketmaster site, the purchase is limited to 2 tickets per member. Also, the transaction can only be done by the members who receive the code from the site.

However, the codes were available in common marketplace, allowing non-members at the site can conduct the transaction. The prices of the code varies from £385 to £7,706.

StubHub, in the other hand claimed that they have not found the users who put the insane priced ticket.

Why Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Conor McGregor Billed as The Money Fight?

Those who have been following Mayweather vs McGregor news surely know the anticipated fight happens in one month. Included in one of the hypes factors, many people consider this as the money fight.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

Some said that it is because Mayweather was money, some talked about the figures that will be spinning in the betting sites, and so on. We cannot deny that it is going to be the money fight. But here is the clear explanation about why it is called as The Money Fight.

It is one of the most awaited fight, and it will officially happen. As quoted from UFC president, Dana White, he said that it was going to be a massive money fight. Well, the reason is very obvious. Both have such big names in their world. When the host brings the best with the best, this can enhance the value of the spectacle. The huge financial potential is a strong trigger that makes this bout happen. But in the other, it is also the battle of egos between two fighters.

In Conan show, McGregor clearly stated that he was interested in meeting Mayweather in the ring. Since then, both sides enthusiasts have been pretty hyped with the fight possibility. That is also one of the factors which make this as money fight.

The event is arguably going to be the most grossing bout of the century. It could generate $500 0 $600 millions or more from the ticketing sales, sponsorships, as well as PPV revenue. Let’s not forget that the diehard fans of Mayweather and McGregor are spread around the world. White stated in Conan show that it was going to be a tough deal.

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And as expected, Mayweather comes as the most favorite. But when asked about the equilibrium of the fighters, Dana White clearly rejected that it is a mismatch bout. Dana White considered that Conor McGregor, although is not a pro boxer, is a pro fighter.

McGregor age is 27 year old. And he is at the peak of his career. Meanwhile, Floyd is 40 and semi-retired. So it is not completely a mismatch.

PPV revenue will contribute big portion of the fight revenue. The standard package itself costs around $89.99. And the viewers need to pay $10 more to get the HD quality. Multiply this number with million viewers from UK, US, and the rest of the world, it will be gigantic. No wonder that it is going to be The Money Fight in this century.

Mayweather vs McGregor Boxing Odds and Prediction

Mayweather vs McGregor odds seems to favor the boxing legend for the £500m mega-fight. It is obviously understandable, considering the gap of boxing proficiencies between two fighters. The Mayweather vs McGregor will surely be an interesting bout to watch. If you are a diehard fan of Boxing or MMA, you must watch this on August 26.

Mayweather retired two years ago with a flawless record of 49-0. Now he is coming back answering the challenge from McGregor. He will take on the UFC lightweight champ with 12-round clash which has been negotiated for more than a year. Now folks have the answer. This is going to happen!

Obviously, Mayweather vs McGregor betting odds does a lot of favor for Mayweather. The former multi-division world champion comes as the big favorite. It is fair because we know that McGregor has never laid a punch in a professional boxing career. Moreover, his debut in this bout.

Large sums of money have been placed on both competitors. USA folks will bet on Mayweather. But McGregor has his own backing from Irish and British punters. Many have been rooting for him.

mayweather vs mcgregor boxing

Based on our trusted sources, Mayweather vs McGregor odds on fight outcome:

Mayweather win – 1/7
McGregor win – 9/2
Draw – 40/1

Method of victory

Mayweather win by KO, TKO – 4/6
Mayweather win by decision or technical decision – 15/8
McGregor win by KO, TKO – 5/1
McGregor win by decision or technical decision – 33/1

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The date is around the corner. Now we’re just a month away from the UFC lightweight champion McGregor making his first debut in the boxing world. Against the strongest defender on earth, Floyd Mayweather, he will put his name on the line. As just expected, McGregor is predicted severely as an underdog. The money has been flowing to McGregor side to balance the odds. But still, Mayweather is a favorable choice.

The hype of the fight can’t be overlooked by many punters. This is going to be a big and epic fight between the two aces in their world. It is potentially bigger than Super Bowl. and many agree with this. We know that the recent words trade between two fighters has been escalated since their meeting in London. That surprisingly encourages the best developments.

The latest odds from our trusted source is that Mayweather comes with -550 favorite, and McGregor at +375. And it will be changing until the event happens.

Be sure to place your bet on time. The Mayweather vs McGregor bout will happen on August 26th at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. PPV option is provided by Showtime.

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Press Conference Schedule, Videos and Tickets Price

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor has made the final stop when conducting the press conference in London, Friday last week. The final tour stop in London had been successful. That was the final stop over the three countries. The video was broadcasted from SSE Arena at 2 pm ET on that day.

As we know that Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor bout is set to happen August 26 in Las Vegas. Conor McGregor will make his debut in this most anticipated fight of the year. Floyd Mayweather will put his flawless record of 50-0 on the line for the fight. McGregor will determine his winning or lose in his first professional boxing bout.

mayweather mcgregor

Check out tour stops both fighters have made below.

Los Angeles, USA – Staples Centre, Tuesday July 11
Toronto, Canada – Budweiser Stage, Wednesday, July 12
New York City, USA – Barclays Centre, Thursday, July 13
London, UK – SSE Wembley Arena, Friday, July 14

Dana made a shocking statement regarding this bout. He admitted that McGregor is not a real “boxer” after watching the star training.

The Mayweather vs McGregor tickets are going to cost the attendances. If you are die-hard fans of one of the fighters, and you think that the bout worths your money, then you should purchase the tickets. The ticketing information is secured to the official sellers.

After coming to an agreement with Big 3 basketball league, the T-Mobile Arena has finally be booked for August 26 bout. The ringside seats will cost you around $10,000. And the “regular” seats will cost you around $500 each seat. And the prices for the hot seats which are 20,000-seat facility will be $1,500, $2,500, $3,500, $5,000, and $7,500.

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If you are not up to purchasing a ticket, the better option is to purchase the PPV option of $99.5 for the high definition quality.

McGregor and Mayweather have exchanged trash words to build up the climax of the mega fight later on August 26.

But there will be only one man who wins. Dana White was not sure that this was going to be McGregor. The thing is that McGregor sent a training video to Dana White. In the end of the day, he was not a boxer. That was at least spoken by Dana White himself.

We agree that Mayweather has been big favorable choice for many punters around the world now. But who knows, the result will be different?